Well, if Katy Perry is looking for fare for what is to be her "dark album," this is one hell of a field project. Yes, rumor has it that Katy Perry is dating none other than that bad boy of rock and roll—the closest thing we have in popular music these days, anyway—John Clayton Mayer. Apparently Katy didn't listen to all the hubbub surrounding Taylor Swift's post-Mayer burnout anthem "Dear John"—or maybe she just wants to write one of her own—since according to various tabloid reports, the megastar was spotted canoodling with the master manipulator at Hollywood's Soho House, and then later at her house for a "pizza date." (If the two ever advance to sushi, look out.)

Ultimately, this could end up being beneficial for both artists—Perry gets some more material for her bummer of a third album, and Mayer proves that even with the long hair and goofy hat, he's still got it when it comes to seducing and destroying pop starlets. Everyone's a winner, especially US Magazine.