What kind of person needs an entire bowl of ranch dressing?

Katy Perry, that’s who!

She and her A-list main squeeze Mr. John Mayer have more than a few bizarre back stage and hotel demands—according to Life & Style magazine.

But the real question is, just how does Katy keep her bikini body if she needs over 20 other snack types to be in her dressing room at all times?

I guess that’s where the mandatory full- length mirror comes in- so she can monitor any changes to her waistline.

And lest anyone forget who’s calling the shots, Perry insists on having a director’s chair in her room.

36 year-old Mayer simply must have an aged bottle of Laguvulin 16 scotch, water, soda and a fruit platter in his room.

Stars... they're JUST like us....

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