Last Friday night, Missy Elliot made a bad decision: to appear on a Katy Perry track. OK, so the decision was likely made before (but not too before) last night, and getting a paycheck isn't really a bad decision, particularly lately, but leave us our easy jokes: Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)," last seen not disrupting LMFAO's five-week, unshuffled stay atop the Billboard Hot 100 despite Perez Hilton and Dr. Luke's exuberance, now has a Missy Elliot remix intended to push it that extra point. It's a slightly different strategy than some of the clique-pop remixes we've seen--instead of getting someone who's already hot and inescapable, get someone who's been gone so seemingly long that people will go apeshit over her appearance in anything! Which is another way of saying we really miss Missy's chart dominance, and this'll have to do.

Does this do? Well, Missy's part (hear the full thing at Rap-Up) is about as incongruous as Nicki's on the "Till The World Ends" remix, half as long and much more tampered with--in short, it's Missy, but it's not MISSY!. The song's the same song, and the cover art just makes us sad by managing to incorporate both Kathy Beth Terry and spread-eagle. Honestly? We prefer party rocking.