Katy Perry Confirms That 'Legendary Lovers' Will Be Released As a Single This Year

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The disco-dance anthem "Birthday" is already scheduled to serve as the fourth single from Katy Perry's Prism, but it looks like after that "Legendary Lovers" will be getting an official release.

Earlier this month, Katy was caught telling an overzealous fan that the song would be released as a single "this year."

"Legendary Lovers" sounds like a radio hit waiting to happen, but then again, everything on Prism does. The bhangra influences in the song should go down well considering that Selena Gomez already smashed the charts last year with some Indian flavour in "Come & Get It," while the lyrics --which were inspired by Katy's relationship with John Mayer-- will probably become a hot topic everywhere.

How many more No. 1s do you think Katy will rack up before the Prism era ends?

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