It's funny to chart geeks like us when a potential Billboard chart achievement on the horizon gets enough national attention that eventually they even start asking about it in Teen Vogue (!!) magazine. You've read all about it here, how Katy Perry has racked up a historic five #1 singles off her Teenage Dream album, tying the all-time record held by Michael Jackson's Bad, and how she keeps shooting for that super-historic sixth chart-topper—which she'd have, if latest #1 "Part of Me" counted (it doesn't, as a virtue of appearing only on the Complete Confection re-issue of the album, rather than on the original track list). And indeed, this BBoard stat-compiling was alluded to by the junior Vogue in a recent interview with Perry, where she had the following comment on her chart success:

Of course [I'm excited about it]! I'm not like, "Ugh, number one again." It's funny, though—my label gets so caught up in the statistics, just because they're excited. But for me, I don't need to grind it into anyone's head that I'm popular. If you like my music, great, and if you don't, whatever. I'm going to keep making it either way.

Yeah, Katy doesn't need to get caught up in stats like some kind of nerd—let EMI take care of that. She'll just keep grinding out pop classics left and right. And you know what else Katy doesn't particularly care for? Being famous. I mean, if she has to be universally known and loved and all, she'll deal, but that's not really her thing. She explains:

I'm tired of being famous already! But I'm not tired of creating. Fame is, I think, just a disgusting by-product of what I do. It's quite a delicate creature— it's a wild animal of sorts. It can love you, and then it can attack you. I still want to be as approachable and relatable as possible—when I meet fans and they're crying, I'll say, "Calm down, there's nothing to cry about. I'm not going to bite you or attack you or grant you three wishes. Let's just hang out and have a good time.

Yeah, it must really be disgusting to get millions to voice a couple lines in a Smurfs movie and film some irritating Proactiv commercials. How cool would it be if fame gave you the ability to grant your fans three wishes, though, right?