Katy Perry Has Written a Reggae Track With Major Lazer

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Katy Perry --a.k.a. the whitest white woman in pop music-- is probably the last person you'd ever expect to do a reggae track, but it's happened.

The "Roar" songstress was recently spotted in the studio with Major Lazer's Diplo and Walshy Fire, where she was writing music during a recording session for Jamaican reggae artist Jessie Royal's upcoming mixtape.

Walshy Fire opened up about the surprising collaboration in a new interview with Jah Blem Muzik to promote Royal's mixtape.

"The funniest moment was having Katy Perry in the studio singing 'woke up this morning feeling so blessed' and writing a whole song to the Rootsman Riddim while Jesse did the dub for modern day Judas. Watching her catch that reggae vibe was the best part of recording."

Still no word yet on whether the song is for Royal's mixtape or if Katy crashed the recording session to write some material for her rumoured Prism re-release, but it's pretty interesting nonetheless.

Rihanna has also recorded a dancehall track with Jamaican rapper Mavado, while singer-songwriter Charli XCX recently told PopJustice that she predicts reggae will be the next big trend of 2015 after hearing a number of reggae demos being circulated around record labels.

Just the thought of MOMPOP chanteuse Katy Perry doing dancehall is giving me some serious second-hand embarrassment, but if people could buy her doing trap music, then I guess this will probably work too.