Katy Perry is the greatest living chameleon known to man. During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday (April 21), the starlet revealed quite the undercover operation--wrecking children's birthday parties in the name of her "Birthday" music video. Teasing a few clips, Perry portrayed an obnoxious, drunk clown trying to whack a pinata.

"I just made a music video, completely undercover, obviously inspired by your burnt twerk video that I believed was real," Perry revealed to host Jimmy Kimmel. "I was like 'check out this crazy girl.' So, I went undercover as five of the worst birthday entertainers."

She added, "Because I was sick of making gorgeous music videos, where I'm like sexual. I feel like that can get boring sometimes. So, I made the most insane music video with hidden cameras."

Cut to: a real birthday party, at which Perry is overzealous (and rather intoxicated) trying to, well, entertain. "I was this character called Kriss the Clown. There are a lot of different characters I played. Criss is androgynous, and she's on parole. She's got some problems. She found the job on Craigslist, actually. I definitely almost got shanked..."

In another segment, Perry takes on two other hilarious personalities: Goldie The Dancer (because of her golden, er, nuggets) and Yosef The McShulem (a Jewish comedian). Oh, Katy, you slay us.

Later, Perry and one of her Katy Cats play "the most narcissistic game ever": Who Knows Katy? Does the diehard fan know more about Katy Perry than Katy Perry? Find out below.

Check out her full interview:

Who Knows Katy?

Also, check out an official trailer for the video:


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