Katy Perry knows how to end the year in style, capping off her impressive 2011 with a slew of accolades, and basking in the glow of other people's praises. Our Artist of the Year also received honors from ABC's Barbara Walters, who featured the California Gurl on her annual list of Most Fascinating People, which includes the likes of Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, actors Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family and the late Steve Jobs. Walters notes that much of Perry's music "pushed sexual boundaries," and while it may have been more interesting to watch Perry interact with her fellow honorees—particularly presidential hopeful Herman Cain—a one-on-one with Babs would have to do. In the interview that aired Wednesday night, Walters gets Perry to speak about her conservative upbringing, revealing more about her parents' pre-Evangelical days, as well as when she herself found Jesus—in tattoo form. There's the requisite question about kissing a girl, and inquiries about her marriage to Russell Brand, both of which Perry describes as "lovely." So is she "totally straight?" Barbara asks. "I don't know if I'm totally anything," she said. And with that, her next hit single was born. Watch the interview below.