Despite attempts at comedy by way of beaver puns, Katy Perry still rules among the younger demographic. With an eternally playful persona and animated friends, how can she not? Perry will grace with the stage at the upcoming Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, joining continuous trending topic One Direction as the night's entertainment. We hope the two performers can team up for a collaboration of some kind, if only for Perry to show some gratitude for the shout-out in the the boys' "Up All Night," and thus inspire a remix ("Katy Perry's at the KCAs, she's at the KCAs"). 1D only made their U.S. television debut a few hours ago, yet still may need some lessons in adorable ways to get slimed—because nothing will get you unconditional love from Americans like taking green goop to the face like a champ! In-house favorites Big Time Rush, Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice will all present awards, while Will Smith is scheduled to host, which feels 10 years too late until you remember the fact that there's a third Men In Black movie coming out soon (another discussion for another time). The Kids' Choice Awards telecast is slated for Saturday March 31 at 8 p.m. EST. Set those DVRs.