After more than a month of people filling the streets surrounding Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan, it's becoming increasingly difficult to notice when celebrities are passing through. Some have granted fellow demonstrators with music—like Jeff Mangum and Tom Morello—while other have simply showed up to watch or take part. Katy Perry and husband Russell Brand were the latest to check out the scene—on their bikes—at Zuccotti on Saturday, going relatively incognito in sunglasses and beanies, while running into Russell Simmons, self-appointed celebrity commissioner of the movement who has brought the likes of Kanye West downtown—and handled any and all press requests. "Look who's @ the protest. @katyperry and her husband what's his name. :-) send him a hey russell," Simmons wrote on Twitter on Saturday, along with a photo of the trio.

Perry's own Twitter account reveals that Saturday was not Brand's first visit to the scene, after she tweeted a link to the Occupy Wall Street livestream, followed by "i know my hubby @rustyrockets is there now...still... reppin us both! Tell him to call his wife if you see him! lolz" on Wednesday. Brand has also published his feelings on the movement on his website. "It occurs that the relentless charge of vagueness leveled at this movement may be it’s great strength. The reason there is no candid agenda is because a spiritual shift this seismic is initially difficult to legislate," he wrote Thursday. With Perry crossed off the list, it can't be long before Lady Gaga finds her way downtown, right? We think she knows the correct subway route.