Katy Perry is expanding her vibrant-rainbow brand into the record label business. After conquering the world with her Prism disc (which has spawned two bonafide smash hits with "Roar" and "Dark Horse"), she embarked on her Prismatic World Tour. This latest development, the creation of Metamorphosis Music, is only the next logical step in complete Perry domination. The new label is a joint venture with Capitol Music Group.

The "Birthday" singer also shared another tidbit: her first artist to join her roster is Ferras!

Not familiar with the eclectic performer? He's a little bit of insight: he's a Jordan-born singer-songwriter who released his debut album Aliens & Rainbows in 2008, via EMI Records. He was later dropped when an in-house sweep brought in new executives. Currently based in Los Angeles, Perry and Ferras first met in 2007 and have remained rather close ever since.

“Her instincts are really on point,” Ferras shares of Perry, who executive produced his new self-titled EP. “She is very blunt and doesn’t sugar-coat things, which I appreciate. Also, she gave me the freedom to do what I wanted musically and was a natural partner."

On his new music, he details, “I write because it's a necessity. I need to express myself, otherwise I feel stifled, like I can't breathe. I write because I have to." The EP features a collaboration with Perry on "Legends Never Die," as well as other outstanding (solo) songs as "Speak In Tongues" and "King Of Sabotage." He continues, “I think of every song as having its own world. I try not to categorize it. It’s a pop record with many different textures, but it's definitely dark in places.”

Of course, Ferras is out on the road this summer on Perry's blockbuster tour. More info and to purchase tickets here.


Check out the Perry-Ferras collaboration "Legends Never Die" now:


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