Don't doubt it, victory is in Katy Perry's veins. When the clock struck 11 o'clock tonight (July 14), the pop goddess of our Teenage Dreams surprise dropped (kind of) her new song, Rise. Rumors have been swirling for several weeks the titan had some pop magic up her sleeve, and she finally unchains the vaults for a moment of reverence and inspiration -- the new track is the first new ounce of music since 2013's uneven Prism record (Dark Horse and Roar continue to see heavy rotations on our playlists, though). With the release of Rise, she's not negotiating her status as Pop's Reigning Queen; she's simply making sure all eyes are on her.

Rise positions itself squarely in Perry's sweet spot of self-love and defiance. Oh, and her vocal is appropriately lilting and supported with a soft blanket of EDM-fueled production. She's neither angry nor aloof; instead, she offers up a subdued pop track brimming with conviction and command. "I will transform," she coos before the drop and then uncages one hefty hook. " When the fire's at my feet again and the vultures all start circling...they're whispering 'you're out of time,' but still I rise..."

And then, she stands her ground ever-stoically, "This is no mistake, no accident. When you think the final nail is in, think again..."

Rise is not the lead sample to a new studio album. Instead, the song will serve as the backdrop to the summer Olympics coverage,including opening night on August 5. She explains the intentions behind the release in a press statement, "This is a song that's been brewing inside me for years, that has finally come to the surface. I was inspired to finish it now, rather than save it for my next album, because now more than ever, there is a need for our world to unite. I know that together we can rise above the fear - in our country, and around the world. I can't think of a better example than the Olympic athletes, as they gather in Rio with their strength and fearlessness, to remind us how we ALL can come together, with the resolve to be the best we can be. I hope this song can inspire us to heal, unite, and rise together. I am honored that NBC Olympics has chosen to use it as an anthem before and during the Rio Games."

The just-released NBC Olympics clip (below) was directed by Joseph Lee and edited by Jeremy Quayhackx.

Rise is available now on iTunes.


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