When people ask you to name the two greatest pop stars of all-time, it's a no-brainer—Michael Jackson and Katy Perry, right? Well, chances are pretty good you'd at least name one of them, and the other might be on their way to joining them in one of pop music's most exclusive clubs. To date, Jackson is the only artist in pop music history to claim five #1s off the same album—though, oddly, the album was one that will probably only go down as the third-best and third-most-popular in MJ's catalogue, 1987's Bad. But Katy Perry now stands on the precipice of matching MJ's chart-topping feat—with only rung left to climb to accomplish the historic chart achievement.

Katy Perry's 2010 release Teenage Dream has, to date, spawned an impressive four chart-topping singles—"California Gurls," the title track, "Firework" and "E.T," though the last was with a Kanye-featuring version not on the original album, arguably meriting the accomplishment an asterisk. Now, fifth Dream single "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" sits at #2 on the charts, having moved up one spot this week. Now only those jokesters of LMFAO (and their cronies Lauren Bennett and Goonrock)—currently celebrating their fourth week at #1 with the irrepressible "Party Rock Anthem"—stand in the way of Ms. Perry and Billboard immortality.

Will it get there? Well, it's still moving up on both the radio songs chart (4-3) and the digital songs chart (3-2), though "Party Rock" still leads it on both lists. Perhaps more notably, the song is losing its footing somewhat on the iTunes charts, with Bad Meets Evil and Bruno Mars' "Lighters" (which leaps 17-10 on the Hot 100 this week) sneaking ahead of Perry to #2. Still, all it takes is one week for everything to go right, and if LMFAO starts to slip in the next few days—and frankly, it's a little remarkable that they've held on as long as they have for such a nutty duo with no Top 40 experience whatsoever—Katy could easily slide in to pole position for next week.

Few artists have the tendency to polarize the Popdust offices as much as Katy Perry—numerous have been the in-house debates over whether she's a worthy pop star, has some good songs but some really-not-so-good songs, or is just all-out deplorable. But on the whole, I don't think many of us are rooting for Katy to get her fifth Teenage Dream #1 here—it just doesn't seem right for Katy, perhaps not even one of the five biggest pop stars of her era (and with an album that has yet to even go multi-platinum) to be up there by herself with a G.O.A.T. like Michael Jackson. We'll be gracious and congratulate her if she gets there, but until then, keep on shufflin', LMFAO.

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