As we get closer to Election Day, the time has come for presidential candidates to enlist help from their most famous celebrity friends. Katy Perry took the stage at "30 Days to Victory," a fundraiser for Barack Obama held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday, having been asked to perform a few tunes to help inspire the West Coast constituents of Obama 2012 to dig deep into their pockets. An honor just to be invited to the event, Perry opted to go with one of his musical favorites: Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." Let us not forget when Barry O. charmed his way through the first 16 bars of the song earlier this year, his silky smooth tone suggesting the economy, healthcare and rising student loan costs could all be solved with some a cappella sweetness. Perry took a nod from Obama's previous performance, hoping that singing a song he liked would help her seem that much more committed to his cause. So how'd she do?



Nice try, but this was neither as serene or soulful as Obama's version, despite her frequent growls and vocal runs. Less really does have a tendency to be more. At least her nail game was on-point for patriotic evening.



While the event gave a chance to cozy up to the POTUS based on their shared musical taste, Perry also had the opportunity to drape herself in the American flag she loves wearing so much while performing "Firework," and later "Teenage Dream." Despite the countless Darren Criss interpretations, it's nice to see Perry return to this track, which, unlike the video commentator, we believe is appropriate and will always love. Watch both below.