While waiting in suspense to find out whether "The One That Got Away" will give her that historical sixth #1—and while she jetsets to Mexico or Barbados or somewhere with Rihanna to get away from the drama of her divorce—Katy Perry's fans have some new music to kick off their new year. Well, not new, exactly—it's a leak of her demo version of "Bullet," a song that Katy co-wrote for would-be hitmaker Jessie James a few years back. It's a little twangy for Katy, and it's got at least one lyric that makes absolutely no sense coming out of the ex-Mrs. Brand's mouth ("Why do you think they call me Jessie James?"—good question), but otherwise, it has the same kind of irrepressible pop burst that marks all of Katy's big hits.

It's worth a listen for fans, certainly. After all, there's no telling how long her and Ri's lost month south of the border is going to knock her out of hit-making commission—this might be the last new music we hear of hers in a little while.

[Oh No They Didn't!]