Yesterday, Katy Perry celebrated her 27th birthday on stage at Belfast's Odyssey Arena, where friends, dancers, and some guy in a Russell Brand mask (possibly Russell Brand?) assembled to give Katy her birthday cake. At this point, Katy had to choose from about five options, none of which were without their drawbacks:

1. Portion out the cake to all assembled. (Time-consuming, and hard to do fairly.)

2. Eat the entire cake herself. (Time-consuming, and not personally flattering.)

3. Take one piece of cake, then leave the rest on stage for munching throughout the show. (But what if someone steps on it?)

4. Take one piece of cake, then let the crew take the rest back stage. (And why should they be rewarded for her 27th birthday, anyway??)

5. Throw the cake into the audience. (Sounds like fun!)

Naturally, Katy went with option #5, and from the crashing sound the cake made upon impact, we're guessing that at least one audience member wish she'd gone with any of #1 through #4. (Unless it was carrot cake, in which case all bets are off. Mmmm....carrot cake.)

[Oh No They Didn't!]