Katy Perry Wants Her Movie To Be A Part Of Your Fourth Of July

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Katy Perry's 3D concert movie extravaganza is barreling its way towards theaters this summer, barely giving us time to accept that Artist Name + Single Title is now the definitive formula for any 21st century concert film. As Perry continues to reap the benefits of her massive second album through re-releases and megamixes, she might as well begin building buzz around Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D with the first (of what we're expecting to be somewhere between four and 435) trailers.

Today's 30-second clip is filled with snapshots from childhood recitals and her 1-800-Jesus days, fast-forwarded to footage from last year's multi-colored California Dreams tour, with allusions to all the hard work and long nights necessary to finally shoot whipped cream from her breasts in front of massive crowds. It's difficult not to compare this to Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, both in terms of title and overall message: While Bieber overcame modest Canadian roots to legitimize YouTube as genuine entertainment tool, Perry emerged from a stifling Christian background to become a stalwart on the pop charts. And like The Bieb's purple marketing campaign, Perry's film will also use slightly tongue-in-cheek promotional tactic, releasing the film–when else?—on July 4. Greetings, plastic bags. Time to reacquaint yourselves with "Firework."