Katy Perry's concert movie is in 3D, because of course it is. It's called Katy Perry: Part of Me, also because of course it is. This is an event single! It deserves to anchor an event movie! And all's the better if it can be a really, really literal pun. (This is a part of me! It's flying off your screen because this movie's in 3D!)

Really, the only other Katy Perry single title that'd work here is "Firework," and only because the movie's slated to be released around the 4th of July. (Independence Day, in other words. And now you really see what they did there.) Everything else has issues:

"E.T.": Taken.

"Thinking of You": Not snappy.

"The One That Got Away": Too easy for critics to use as a diss if needed. (Although the same thing was true for the single, which on the charts really was the one that got away, so...")

"Waking Up in Vegas": Too Chamber of Commerce.

"California Gurls": Also too Chamber of Commerce.

"Teenage Dream": Too Skins.

"I Kissed a Girl": Too skin-flick.

"Hot N Cold": Too teen-movie-during-the-early-2000s-when-everything-had-a-too-OMG-worthy-title. (Although Miley Cyrus is working on a movie called LOL, so maybe not.) (Yes, we know it's a remake.)

"Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)": Same. Besides, that music video is essentially its own tie-in movie.

That leaves... "Part of Me." (Or "Wide Awake," but that doesn't sound as much like an event, does it?) It will undoubtedly be part of many people's summer weekends. A spangly, SFX-bedazzled part. In 3D.