Katy Perry's "Prism" Reviewed: "Dark Horse" Featuring Juicy J

We did not expect to hear a collaboration between Katy Perry and Juicy J on this album, but she continues to surprise us. This is the first and only track on this album where hip-hop comes into play. It's an eerie beat, but it certainly struck our curiosity. The lyrics seem to be a warning she is sending to her next lover: “make me your effort, make me your one and only, but don’t make me your enemy.” The song has great build ups before each chorus where the hip-hop beats subside, and it's all Katy! She refers to herself as a dark horse during the chorus. Meanwhile, Juicy J has his own take on Katy. He raps: “she’s a beast, I call her karma.”  If you mess with Katy, you get what you deserve. This song represents the new Katy Perry: a woman who is as strong as her unconditional love. The track ends with a voice over "there's no going back."


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