Reasons as to why Katy Perry had such a good time at Coachella aren't limited to her poolside rendition of "Call Me Maybe,public display of affection from Rihanna or life-changing sighting of Tupac, but also the pleasure that comes with having a new dude to make out with on the festival lawns. Belated photographs from last weekend's shows find Perry kissing and canoodling with Rob Ackroyd, guitarist for Florence + the Machine. Before you start embroidering KP + RA into your celebrity power couple quilt, remember that it's been less than six months since her breakup and divorce from Russell Brand, so who knows if things are serious (also, strange things happen at music festivals). But for the romantics of group, reports for TMZ claim she's already calling him "boyfriend"; let's hope he owns his own fondue pot and copy of Toy Story 3 on Blu-ray. Did we mention that he happens to be English? Ladies and gentlemen, the woman has a type. Check out the loving, touching and squeezing (we'd imagine), below.