Keanu Reeves' Account Of Home Intruder Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

Keanu Reeves dealt with not one but TWO home intruders, two nights in a row - and his account of it is pretty damn terrifying.

As Popdust previously reported, Keanu wasn't home when the second woman broke in. But the first one? AT HIS BEDROOM DOOR AT 4 IN THE MORNING LIKE FREDDIE FUCKING KRUEGER.

“I looked up and there was a dark figure in the doorway of the bedroom… it was a woman who was a fan and wanted to say hi at 4 in the morning with her luggage,” Keanu told Extra.

I mean, can you IMAGINE seeing that? The only thing scarier would be if the bitch straight up crawled out from under his bed before getting under the covers with him.

Watch the video to see what security Keanu is getting to prevent crazy lady number 3 from breaking into his property!



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