Keanu Reeves Nicest Kindest Celebrity Hollywood Has Ever Known


Keanu Reeves nicest kindest celebrity hollywood stories pop-up every week it seems—here's a new one for you

Keanu Reeves is truly the celebrity gift that just keeps on giving…and giving…. and giving.

However, unlike many of his contemporaries—mentioning no names, cough cough, Angelina Jolie—the 51-year-old likes to keep his benevolent side private, and news of his charitable acts out of the press.

That’s easier said than done though, and Reeves’ random acts of kindness have become somewhat of a Hollywood legend—with a new story detailing his generosity and sweetness seeming to pop up every week.

Guess it’s time for a fresh one round about now then.

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“Keanu was, without doubt, the nicest star I have ever met,” a source who worked on Reeves’ upcoming movie, Daughter of God, tells Popdust exclusively.

“He was approachable and friendly, you would have no idea he’s as big a celebrity as he is, he’s so humble and down to earth. He really made the effort to learn everyone’s names and would always say hello and give you a smile…..just so damn nice.”

Then there’s Keanu’s now infamous generosity. Popdust’s source says Keanu came to the rescue of one crew member who unexpectedly found themselves down on their luck.

“At lunch one day, one of the crew was freaking out because their partner had been badly injured in a car crash, and was unable to work," the source says. "The crew member was worried they were going to get their house repossessed as they had fallen behind on the mortgage payments. Keanu must have heard about their troubles, because later that day his assistant tracked down the crew member and arranged to pay the outstanding house payments as well as all of their partner’s outstanding medical costs.

“I have no idea how much it all came to, but it was an amazing thing to do, and, literally, changed this crew member’s life—they went from drowning in debt and terrified they were going to lose their home, to back in the black and able to breath again. Pretty damn awesome, no matter how you paint it.”

Pretty damn awesome seems a common refrain when describing the Matrix star—and with good reason.

When cast in The Devils Advocate, Reeves agreed to a significantly lower payday than he could have commanded—to the tune of several million dollars less—in order to bring Al Pacino on board. He repeated the selfless sacrifice when he signed on to The Replacements, agreeing to a whopping 90 percent pay cut, so Gene Hackman could be added to the cast.

And, as if that’s not enough to ensure his Hollywood sainthood, there’s the time Reeves insisted that the $75 million he was due to be paid for the Matrix sequels be paid instead to the special effects and costume design team, claiming they were the real reason the movie franchise was so damn successful. Oh, and then he also bought a Harley Davidson for each and everyone of the stunt crew too.

"Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries,” Keanu told Hello! magazine back in 2003—and, he really practices what he preaches.

In addition to redistributing his wealth, Reeves has also walked away from potential huge paydays—he turned down a $11 million plus offer to star in the Speed sequel, in order to tread the boards—playing Hamlet—at a small Winnipeg, Canada, theater….. He also turned down a lucrative starring role in Heat, for the same reason.

Every year Reeves donates millions to causes that are close to his heart, and is purported to have launched a cancer foundation without his name attached, so he can keep it out of the spotlight, and provide funding without any hoopla or fanfare.

Cancer is a subject that hits close to home for Reeves, as his sister Kim, fought Leukemia for over a decade—Keanu was there by her side throughout her brave battle, and is reported to have spent $5 million on Kim’s various treatments, in addition to donating heavily to numerous cancer charities, hospitals and research centers.

But Keanu’s kindness stretches even further—he also loves to give a voice to those unable to speak for themselves, having worked closely over the years with the animal rights advocacy group, PETA.

“PETA has felt Keanu Reeves' kindness firsthand, since The Dogstar song he donated for PETA's anti-dissection commercial in the '90s helped us empower students around the world to say no to cutting up dead animals in the classroom,” PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lang tells Popdust. “We admire his compassion.”

Amen to that.

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keanu reeves nicest kindest celebrity hollywood has ever known


keanu reeves nicest kindest celebrity hollywood has ever known

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keanu reeves nicest kindest celebrity hollywood has ever known
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