Ke$ha Can't Stop YOLO-ing and Yodeling in Her New Single "Die Young"

It seems strange to say, but we'd grown accustomed to Ke$ha around the turn of the decade. Of the rush of pop stars who glittered and glammed themselves up in the wake of Lady Gaga, she was the least self-conscious of the lot: Ke$ha could not give less of a shit what you thought of her, and it was awesome.

Then she disappeared for a few years (a lifetime in pop) and Ke$ha's simple charms were consigned to the memory bins of NOW compilations and sure-to-be-forthcoming I Love The '00s episodes. But, as of this morning Ke$ha is back (!) with a new single, "Die Young."

The track finds Ke$ha in classic form, showing off her particular brand of nasally yodel-rap, and spouting off about hunks like she's Dr. Steve Brule. Wherever she's been (Tokyo?) the #YOLO trend has not passed her by, but in Ke$ha's hands the hashtag gets a bit darker: "Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young."

In terms of our totally imaginary Ke$ha Catchiness-to-Annoyingness Ratio, we'd give "Die Young" a surprisingly high 4.6. That's a new record!


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