To help cure those Monday blues, Ke$ha shared roughly 30 seconds of herself singing "Die Young," the first single from her forthcoming album, in the Tokyo subway last month. Her own take on busking aboard mass transit might not be what you'd expect from the queen of glitter, whiskey and casual nudity, but after Dr. Luke explained that there would be less production on her first musical output in over 18 months, this a cappella take seems follow the back to basics approach she's now going for. "I hear your he-a-a-art beat to the beat of my drums," she sings, as we hear her voice powering over the shuffle of anxious commuters coming and going, and the churning escalator wheels that help them get to where they need to be. She gives a valiant effort, but during rush hour some people just can't be bothered.

In a more eye-catching move, Ke$ha also released the official single art for "Die Young" on Twitter today—turns out there is room for more not-s0-casual nudity in her new world. Marvel at the never-ending power of hair extensions.

Watch below as she brightens the day of unsuspecting fans, and scares a few unsuspecting bystanders in the process.