Over the weekend, Ke$ha played the Future Music Festival in Brisbane, and during her performance of "Cannibal" she whipped out a trick that would make Ozzy Osbourne proud; she drank blood from what seemed to be a human heart, and then spent a bunch of her show covered in (probably fake, but still yucky!) blood. Oh and she was wearing an American flag t-shirt. It was almost as if she wanted to maximize the outrage that accompanied her being added to the indie-dance-heavy festival! Or to at least act like she belonged, since things were pretty gross offstage, too. Check out the "poo bog" that one concertgoer took footage of while Ke$ha performed "Dinosaur":

And of course, there are the inevitable catcalls that Gaga did it too (via the boards at the illuminati-paranoia clearinghouse Vigilant Citizen):

Of course, those people in the know are fully aware that everyone at this point is pretty much ripping off GWAR. Not that it's a bad thing!