Ke$ha, known ghost fetishist, is taking her bedroom expertise and applying it to those less knowledgeable about the rules of attraction. Given her time in the limelight, tantilizing offers from everyone from Casper to Moaning Myrtle and tendency to live like she's not going to be around much longer, the 25-year-old is somewhat of an expert when it comes to romance—or at least bedroom behavior. The folks at 4Music have labeled her their "Bad Girl" relationship expert, but the title should not discredit the validity of the thoughts she's prepared to share. Important insight gleaned from the mind of Ke$ha: Spanking is most definitely appropriate, good touches signify one's true feelings and strip clubs are the "most amazing" date destinations known to man. Hmm. We wonder what she thinks about karaoke bars?

Below, you'll find her strategy for various romantic situations, including how to take lemons and turn them into a threesome.