Ke$ha Wants You to "C'Mon" and Enter a Magical World That Sounds Like Her Old Songs

Here at Popdust, we're a little bit obsessed with Ke$ha and the way she goes about her life. Would any other pop star have the balls to admit to drinking blood from a human heart and getting intimate with a ghost? Of course not—they're too locked into the physical world to explore the limits of the spiritual the way The Glittered One has.

Which is why it's so disappointing when Ke$ha releases a song that sounds as conventional as her new single "C'Mon" does. "Die Young" showed us she still has in her to get weird, so why's she releasing a song that sounds like someone mashed up a lost Animal track with Taylor Swift? (You laugh, but listen to "Starlight" after playing "C'Mon"—they are the same.)

Of course, Ke$ha isn't about to go the way of Jessie J: "C'Mon" still has all the requisite Dirty Girl signifiers we've come to love from Ke-Dollar-Sign-Ha, our principle favorite being the immortal couplet, "Feeling like I'm a high school-er / Sipping on a warm wine cool-er." And even though the track breaks no new ground, it remains a serviceable radio jam. Play it in your car, your head will still be bobbing, we bet.

We're only a few weeks out from Warrior's release; if a few tracks on the album match the same level of insanity as Ke$ha's public image, we imagine we'll soften our stance on the single.


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