Ke$ha's "Die Young" Look Is All Black Leather, Bloody Nails and Smudged Eyeliner

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Ke$sha's new single "Die Young" from her forthcoming album Warrior arrived Tuesday and she's been promoting the hell out of it on Twitter. Here are a few things that Ke$ha wants to do before all those late night parties and hard living leave a youthful corpse, via her feed: go to a haunted house and "scare the shit out of myself," make out with someone she's been interested in "FOREVER" and go to 7-11 barefoot. Ew on that last one.

Shooting for the "Die Young" video began right after the single was released, and Ke$ha has kept all her animals abreast of that as well. Today, she teased fans with a short YouTube clip from the set and FYI, they're not sticking with the whole Tokyo subway thing. "We just busted into a church, and one of my dancers got a nail in his foot," she relays while wearing a sexy cut-out black leather jumpsuit and lots of silver jewelry. "Shit's getting a little out of control. I've been told to tone it down like, ten times already and we're not even done."

JustJared has a few shots of the artist on the "Die Young" set and in addition to the black leather look (from the waist down she's also got on some sort of boot/garter-belt/holster contraption) she was captured wearing a big furry white vest with no pants.

To compliment the down-and-dirty wardrobe, her makeup artist Scott Barnes—who's also J Lo's body bling guy and Kim Kardashian's go-to—heavily lined her eyes with one of his favorite cheap-yet-effective beauty products, Maybelline's Expert Eyes Velvet Black. Her nails, meanwhile, were painted to look like bloody talons, a hot trend culled from designer Prabal Gurung's spring show.

So she might be the girl in bare feet at a convenience store, but it's clear that Ke$ha still cares about fashion.

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