In preparation for her new album Stronger—and perhaps her upcoming MTV Unplugged gig—Kelly Clarkson performed a free set live at The Troubadour in Los Angeles on Wednesday, treating fans to old favorites like "Walk Away" as well as new cuts from the upcoming disc. Clarkson has been gradually giving fans a taste of the album before its October 24 release date, including "Dark Side," "The War Is Over" and "You Love Me," but watching her perform "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" live and with a full band, makes us forget that it's a song built upon a phrase that's been more than overused throughout pop, and realize how much we've missed her voice, which gains strength as the track pushes forward. And it doesn't hurt that her casual ensemble includes a t-shirt that showcases the face of Debbie Harry and is adorned with actual jewels, something we wanted long before we realized it wasn't Taylor Momsen a.k.a. Little J on the front. (Forgive us, Blondie!) Stronger is officially out on Tuesday. Watch her perform the track live below.