Kelly Clarkson Records The Dallas Cowboys A Totally Kelly Song

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What's Kelly Clarkson up to? Oh, the usual: touring the states cover by cover, doing sporadic promo work of her sporadic Stronger singles (it really does seem like "What Doesn't Kill You" topping the charts was an entire era ago, doesn't it?) and being Texan. Very, very Texan. Texan enough to record an entire anthem about how awesome it is to be Texan, specifically a Texan sports fan.

The track's "Get Up," recorded as part of the NFL Anthems series (sponsored by Pepsi, which we will note and now never mention again), and it's pretty straightforward: the gloss-rock of All I Ever Wanted or Stronger, a chorus all about getting up and shouting about it, and Dallas Cowboys references everywhere. It's like Usher's "Scream" if it were about legit screaming, not sexual screaming. It's practically bottled Clarkson, like a megamix of every Kelly Clarkson single since "My Life Would Suck Without You." And it's actually listenable by non-football fans. Just pretend Kelly wants to be a real cowboy, and you'll be fine.