More celebrities for NBC! Their star-studded lineup of Voice mentors just got a little more, uh, starfull, with the addition of pop star Kelly Clarkson to the fold. Kells, you will of course remember, was the winner of the first-ever American Idol competition, and thus knows a thing or two about this here TV singing competition game. She'll be helping out Core Four mentor Blake Shelton—he of the hilarious Twitter feed—with his team, similar to how Reba did last year, and will probably be singing with someone at some point. "The thing I love about The Voice is that they’re more mentors — they’re not judges,” Clarkson has said about the show. “I would never really want to be a judge, just because I don’t want to break people’s hearts."

Is there any chance that the show is grooming Kelly for a possible lead mentor role on the show, just in case Christina Aguilera (by far the most volatile member of the show, some unsettling Cee Lo moments aside) ever goes too far off the reservation? Hey, this is NBC's one hit show of the last 12 months—they can't be too careful with their insurance policies.