Sticks and stones, all you mean media outlets. For the "Mr. Know It All" video off her upcoming album, Kelly Clarkson is choosing to find inspiration from the adversity and all things negative that have been written about her since 2007's My December, and the label feud many seem unwilling to forget. In a teaser for the Justin Francis-directed video, Clarkson stands in front of a wall made up of harsh press clips from her past yet looks as confident as ever, thanks in part to a well placed wind machine. A sampling of harsh words that drive her: "The Win Went To Her Head," "Sponsors Drop Clarkson" and "Creative Differences With Label." After a series of uninspiring American Idol winners and promising ones who have failed to find the same kind of mainstream success that Clarkson and Carrie Underwood set the bar for, we love this reverse dig at all the haters, which turns the "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" mentality on its head by the less-than-subtle message of using old newspaper clippings as a wall accent. Her album is called Stronger, remember? The full video arrives on Monday, which hopefully continues on like this. Our argument would be lost if she decided to throw in a gratuitous bikini shot or something.