In case you missed it, every judge is leaving every show, pretty much.

On the "hurting" (in quotes because it's still performing quite well) American Idol, Randy has officially jumped ship, and the other judges, save J-Lo, are also rumored to be leaving. Word on the street is Fox and the producers are thinking about really shaking things up in 2014. Can you say "all alumni panel?" You can! Excellent, because it it might be an all alumni panel.

The all-star names being tossed around? Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken, Adam Lambert, and Kelly Clarkson so far. (Idol diehards might recall Kelly literally swapping seats with Randy at her first audition.) We're sure rumblings of Katherine McPhee, Jordin Sparks, and Carrie Underwood will eventually surface if those don't pan out.

We dig the whole "students becoming teachers" angle, but will their former experience make them too soft and emotional? Every panel need a "Simon," so Lambert oughta brush up on his bitchy banter.