Kelly Osbourne Gets Sued—At LAST Someone Who Will Stand Up To The Spoilt Little Bitch


Kelly Osbourne is getting sued for defamation and all we can say is it's about goddamn time someone called her out on her revolting behavior.

Kelly, as we know, is the big mouthed offspring of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne who has ridden to "fame" on her parents' coat-tails.

First on our screens in 2002 as the epitomy of a vile teenager, Kelly shouted, swore and flounced around her dysfunctional family life on The Osbournes as the spoiled little brat that she had been raised to be.

31 year old Kelly literally sums up every stereotype of a kid who has never heard the word "no". But you know what? It was totally her parents' prerogative to raise her that way and it's her continued prerogative to carry on behaving as an obnoxious and nasty member of the human race.

Using the springboard of her father's fame, she moved into music (!) and then settled into being a professional loudmouth. With stints on Fashion Police (which she quit in a complete overreaction of moral outrage), to The View (on which she famously managed to offend Mexicans with her attempt at Trump humor), she has more recently been working down under appearing as a judge on Australia's Got Talent. We hoped to God she was going to stay there, but no, she's popped up on Project Runway Junior.


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Kelly stuck her lavender head above the parapet in May when it was revealed that her 67 year old father had been having an affair with celebrity hairdresser Michelle Pugh and that her mum had kicked him out (Sharon subsequently took him back and is now claiming Ozzy's sex addiction caused the affair).

In a petulant Twitter rant, Kelly gave out Ms Pugh's personal telephone number suggesting users should call her for a blow job and even further, suggested Ozzy had been the victim of 'elder abuse' at the hands of his mistress.

Pugh sent Osbourne a cease and desist letter in May, but the offending Tweets weren't deleted for nearly a month.

Michelle Pugh decided enough is enough, and has now filed a lawsuit against idiot Kelly. The lawsuit reveals that the affair was actually going on for four years and claims that Ozzy was the one who initiated it. Pugh is claiming defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and public disclosure of private facts.

F Edie Mermelstein, her (fantastically named) lawyer told People;

"In the age of social media, reality TV and the internet, anyone, especially a celebrity can launch a global attack leaving an indelible and permanent stain on a chosen target, while inciting masses to demean, degrade, comment and harass.

Kelly Osbourne, with over four million followers and a strong media presence, intentionally did exactly that to Michelle Pugh on Twitter."

The suit goes on to allege that the hairdresser has lost business due to the cyber-attacks by Kelly and says;

"Not only had Plaintiff begun to be slut-shamed, bullied, and harassed for allegedly breaking up a marriage, but was wrongfully accused of a crime that further held her up to ridicule, hate, and shame,"

We say, good for Michelle for standing up for herself.

The only cheating going on was on Ozzy's side. Whilst it's obviously not very nice to have an affair with someone's husband—the main fault lies with the married man who is doing the cheating.

Plus, slut-shaming, especially between women, is never ok. The fact is that it's only ever women who get shamed, men get congratulated. Calling out a woman for engaging in and enjoying sex just reinforces the message that women who want sex are sleazy and bad.

Michelle Pugh (by her account) fell in love with a man and had a lengthy affair with him. HE was married, HE cheated on his wife, HE lied to his wife, HE deceived his family.

Kelly Osbourne's issue was with her father, but no, she stamped her foot and erupted at the easy target—completely in character.

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