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Kelly Osbourne Tweets Phone Number Of Ozzy's Alleged Mistress—Refuses To Delete It

Kelly Osbourne tweets phone number but won't delete it...

Kelly Osbourne's tweets have got her in trouble before, but will she ever learn to keep things to herself?

Of course not!

As Popdust previously reported, Kelly's dad, Ozzy Osbourne has been having an affair with a hairdresser named Michelle Pugh.  It was said to be the last straw for Sharon Osbourne who kicked her straying husband of 33 years out of the house and been reportedly shopping around for a lawyer to file for divorce.

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Apparently though, Ozzy has now returned home, ended the affair and is begging his wife for forgiveness. He is said to be doing everything he can to save his marriage. There was a very awkward appearance by the married couple together at the launch of Ozzfest and they have been pictured sharing a ride in Beverly Hills together, so they're obviously talking at least.

Clearly there's still trouble at home though, and last night Kelly Osbourne planted herself firmly in the middle of it when she tweeted Michelle Pugh's phone number together with a message stating that users should call that number if they want a blow job!

Talk about not maintaining a dignified silence!

Twitter users were quick to respond, calling Kelly a bully and pointing out that Michelle wasn't the only one in the relationship—that Ozzy is to blame too. Kelly fought back though, rather unwisely.

She can't be serious surely? The definition of elder abuse is;

Elder abuse is a term referring to any knowing, intentional, or negligent act by a caregiver or any other person that causes harm or a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult.

So Kelly is saying that Ozzy is a vulnerable adult and in need of protection?

Who says Ozzy Osbourne is a vulnerable adult?

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The general consensus was that Kelly should butt out and STFU.  Also some felt that young, angry Kelly needed reminding that people in glass houses....

Not very nicely put, but they kinda have a point there.

Kelly still hasn't taken down the offending tweet, although the number, unsurprisingly, is now out of service. Bearing in mind Sharon's notoriously vindictive streak it's unlikely she'll find Kelly's actions anything other than funny.

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Ozzy seems to be keeping his head down at the moment and hoping to get Sharon back on side (presumably as a vulnerable adult he needs the care she provides),  Page Six report;

"His family really is very important to him and he's come to his senses.  Sharon is Ozzy's whole life; he can't manage without her."

It's not the first time Ozzy has strayed from his 63 year old wife who is his whole life.  He allegedly hooked up not only with a woman he met in AA but also a member of his tour staff. Sharon is still undecided as to whether she'll pull the trigger on the divorce, but is happy to play the long game;

"She'll wait months.  It's a huge decision with a lot of moving parts, so she's going to see how everything shakes out before deciding what she wants to do and what is best for their kids."

One thing Sharon is not, is dumb.  She'll know exactly how to spin this to her advantage, plus she's been in charge of Ozzy's career since they met, so he needs her more than she needs him. Hell, there's even speculation that the whole drama could be a PR stunt by Sharon just to drum up interest for the upcoming Black Sabbath tour!

Nothing would surprise us!


 Kelly Osbourn tweets phone number of Ozzy's alleged mistress


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