Along with performing cuts from this year's solo album, Kelly Rowland opted to tease the crowd with a Destiny's Child medley during her concert for BBC Radio 1Xtra Live in Brixton Academy, London on Thursday. First off: yay! Revisiting Destiny's Child songs is always a good move in our book, regardless of the artist. But rather than sing each song in its entirety, Kelly continued to adhere to the DC vocal breakdown from over 10 years ago. "Say My Name" and "Jumpin' Jumpin'" saw her continuing to play Effie to her own group's Deena—long after that pop culture reference was replaced with "Kelly to Beyoncé." See Mercedes Jones for further proof—by chiming in on the chorus and echoing the voice of Lady B, who was in fact not present. What transpires is a slightly awkward, strangely quiet sing-a-long, which is still nostalgic and fun, but feels like a missed opportunity. Since Beyoncé is about to pop out a baby, this is your time, Kel! And since you're already dressed, why not sing all of "Say My Name"? We doubt DC fans would love you any less if you did.

"Bug A Boo" definitely brings us back to the days of pagers and MCI, but more than anything, this medley serves to reinforce just how many songs Beyoncé sang lead on. Watch below.