We're on the record as supporters of Kelly Rowland's new album Here I Am, which debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200. So when Idolator does an interview with the "Motivation"al success story, of course we'll be reading.

The revelations in the interview aren't SUPER-SHOCKING! so much as SUPER-TACTFUL! (She loves Beyonce's 4, thinks Broadway looks fun, supports her former Destiny's Child bandmates and generally doesn't pull any John Maus WTFery.) A few tidbits, though:

- For the forty of you listening to the radio when "Rose-Colored Glasses" was on it (one of the forty's in the Popdust office; she was in the car the DJ premiered it, in fact), it's not like Kelly thinks that, "Forever and a Day" and "Grown Woman"--none of which made the album--were flops or anything. She says they'll be part of her concert setlists.

- There will probably not be a Destiny's Child reunion, at least not this album cycle; Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce were talking earlier, but Kelly said a reunion "didn't come up in conversation." Which prompts an obvious question--what about the next time they have a conversation, if it's soon? Will it be like, you know, trying really hard not to think about a pink elephant?

- A Kelly Rowland - Chris Brown collaboration doesn't exist yet, but it might soon. She is touring with him, after all. She did have customary praise for him. She is still in the career stage where she's peppering her albums with guest artists. And the best of the evidence: they were in the studio, but it didn't pan out in time. But then again, that gives you an entire album cycle to ponder whether a Kelly/Chris collaboration would be more or less offputting than a Bieb teamup called "Ladies Love Me"!