Kelly Rowland's Here I Am has been here for a while, and it's much more newsworthy than it otherwise might have been thanks to hit "Motivation." The director of that track's video, Sarah Chatfield, will return for two videos Rowland will film this week.

The first, expectedly, is for single "Lay It On Me," featuring Big Sean; according to Rap-Up, the video will involve latex and gold catsuits--so in other words, it's a music video--and "one scene on an elephant." Right then. The second video's also somewhat expected: "Down For Whatever," Kelly's international single and big RedOne track. (All RedOne tracks are big. It's probably in his songwriting contract.) Someone out there probably debated whether the States or abroad got the better single between cut songs "Rose-Colored Glasses" and "Forever and a Day"; this must be the reprise. We shall see.