WATCH | Kelsea Ballerini tells the tale of beauty and tragedy in "Legends" video

MUSIC VIDEO | The country starlet gives her song a stunning and twisted storyline.

The country darling unravels a story of unconditional love, warped by tragedy in the end.

On the surface, Kelsea Ballerini's new single "Legends" is a glossy anthem, akin to Taylor Swift's "Long Live." But the accompanying visual offers a more beautiful and tragic story. Two people meet. They fall in love. They have a kid. Then, tragedy strikes during a birthday party--when one of them goes to get ice, of all things--and their lives are never the same again. And that damn finger wave will make you cry, guaranteed. That's the thing isn't it; our lives can end randomly, and there is never any preparing for it.

"We didn't do it for the fame or the glory," Ballerini coos over dazzling production, sweeping piano, guitar and a healthy dose of drums. The clip not only showcases the pivotal milestones (like getting pregnant, giving birth and high school graduation) but the more intimate ones: from riding through the carwash together, Christmas pageants and barbecues in the backyard. "Loving you, baby, it was heaven. What everyone wondered, we'd never question," she sings on the hook. "Close our eyes and took on the world together. Do you remember?"

Watch the clip below--and try not to cry:

"I wrote it from the perspective of a breakup. Now, I'm in such a different place in my life that, to me at least, it's a love song about a love that you look back on that doesn't even necessarily have to end. I hope my fans hear it as a letter to them but also they hear their own love story in it, too," the singer told Rolling Stone Country about the song, co-written with such Nashville elite as Hillary Lindsey and Forest Glen Whitehead.

On her upcoming new album (street date yet undetermined), she teased to Billboard: "It's totally capturing the last two years of my life, which involved both a big breakup and a lot of pure growing up. Then I found the best guy in the whole world [her beau, Australian singer-songwriter Morgan Evans]. I feel like it's just going to tell the story in that order."

Understandably, Swift (Ballerini's idol) has taken to offering up some life advice to the young upstart. "She's like my big sister,. She's walked this so gracefully, so she's the person that I go to when I'm like, 'Hey, this is what I'm struggling with right now. How do I navigate this?'' said Ballerini. "I've learned that I'm a better artist when I get time to just chill and be a human, so I think finding that time to carve out -- whether it's walking my dog in the park, or having friends over -- is the best way to counteract the craziness."

"Legends" is the first taste of Ballerini's forthcoming, yet-untitled, sophomore album, the follow-up to her debut, The First Time.


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