One Direction are helping those parents who haven't had tomorrow's big performance on Saturday Night Live marked in their calendars for weeks, by putting faces to the names they'll likely be hearing all day Saturday. Joining in on the NBC promotional game, the boys squeeze onto the studio 8H stage alongside host Sofia Vergara and SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, trying their best not to distract from two comedic professionals hard at work at their craft—also known as making Vergara's body and her broken English 3/4 of the punchlines. Sure, she's been known to stop traffic, solve international conflicts and befriend many a stranger with one Colombian roll of her tongue, but who knew Keenan got so goofy around five talented young gentlemen? (Maybe we're just projecting here.)

It's entertaining to see how the boys handle their big moment in the spotlight. Smile! No, we meant convincingly. While we totally approve of the seemingly unflappable Niall being the unofficial spokesperson, Louis might want to work on his nervous grin. 1D will appear as SNL's musical guest this Saturday at 11:35 p.m. EST. Check out the preview below: