Kendra Wilkinson Opens Up A CRAZY Can Of Baptist Whoop Ass On Mom


From Playboy Playmate to televangelist?

Kendra Wilkinson was practically speaking in tongues in a sneak preview of the new season of Marriage Boot Camp—Reality Stars—you can watch it here on Popdust.

Wilkinson opened up a can of Baptist whoop ass on her mom Patti in what was perhaps reality TV’s answer to The Exorcist.

The mom/daughter duo have enjoyed an acrimonious relationship and often butted heads on Wilkinson's own reality show, Kendra on Top, and it appears time has not healed this wound.

Things reached a boiling point during an exercise called "To Knot or Not," where Patti reveals why she doesn't believe her daughter and Hank Baskett should be married.

"I get the impression and feeling that you hate me," Patti says, before Kendra all but admits that that is the case.

"The devil has eaten your soul. You sell us out to the tabloids, what the hell is your problem?!" She screams. "You take our problems and put them out there. Right after I thought my husband cheated on me, you sell my tears to the damn tabloids!"

Her mom feigns shock at these accusations but then later threatens to release Kendra's text messages to the public!

Understandably, Wilkinson further loses her shit!

Meanwhile, Hank and Kendra are on the series in the hopes of salvaging what’s left of their marriage.

Baskett still hasn't confirmed or denied reports he cheated on his wife with model Ava Sabrina London but you know that shit is gonna come up on the show.

As Popdust previously reported, the couple is joined this season by Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Tami Roman, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from Big Brother, and Aubrey O'Day.

Marriage Boot Camp—Reality Stars kicks off on WeTV, Friday, May 29 at 9.