Kendrick Lamar releases tracklist + cover for upcoming album, internet drags him for it

Kendrick Lamar pays homage to famous professional wrestler Ron Simmons for his one-word contribution to the sport.

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If there's anything on the rap forecast that fellow hip-hop heads and I are desperately waiting for, it's the release of Kendrick Lamar's follow-up to To Pimp A Butterfly, his last full studio album from 2015. Last Monday, we got another piece of the puzzle of what to expect, with K. Dot posting on all of his social media the tracklist, album cover, and importantly, the name of the album: DAMN.

The cover features Kendrick in front of a brick wall, with the rapper looking down and somewhat out of it, and the title above him in bright red font. Both images can be seen below, fresh from his Twitter and all.

I'll just say what we're all thinking: huh? From the cover to his debut GKMC, to the cover for the follow-up To Pimp A Butterfly, the images have at least some clear symbolism that you could tie into the album. Good Kid M.a.a.d. City has Kendrick as a baby, surrounded by his father and uncles, with 40's on the table and gang signs abound. To Pimp A Butterfly has a whole bunch of men flashing cash, gold, and other hood essentials on the lawn of the White House, while a dead politican can be seen lying in front of them, an image that Kendrick references explicitly on the intro track "Wesley's Theory."

For his third album, Kendrick has decided to look really, really sleepy.

And as for the title, we know that the Compton legend has been one for vaguery, but DAMN? There has to be an acronym somewhere in there. It was these… questions that I and everyone else on the Internet had when he first released the scoop, and let's just say, their first reactions were a lot more immediate than mine.

While commenters on Reddit tried to make sense of the title itself:

credit to u/JustKeepOnKeepingOn and u/Kobe7477

Yikes. Well then, guess we'll just have to wait for April 17th to find out if all of this was worth it? Don't let us down, Cornrow Kenny. Meanwhile, you can comment below what you think DAMN. might stand for. My guess? Ding-dongs Are My Nemesis.

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