Kesha And The Flaming Lips Were In The Studio

In which Ke$ha makes good on her promise to make something like rock music, if not her promise to make it '70s music, and spends a day--a slumber party, as she tells it, because that's how she tells things--in the studio with alt-rockers the Flaming Lips. Granted, all we have is tweets signifying nothing but more tweets, and a few photos and videos mostly by frontman Wayne Coyne to prove that she was there and at least one track came of it. But photos and videos are interesting, right?

First up: Ke$ha can sing. This shouldn't be news for anyone who's listened to Ke$ha outside the radio or somebody's 1 a.m. iTunes playlist (her two most preferred locales), but in case you needed proof, here it is. She can, in fact, close a belt with a yelp!

And in case you needed gossip instead, she was caught with a can of Sprite! (As for, um, the rest of the picture, it's your call which is worse: the obvious explanation or Ke$ha's explanation--that they're crushed Tums that he's snorting for a reason we're not putting into this sentence.)

Oh, and she's got her legal paperwork covered, and she didn't forget the glitter, and man, if the fruits of this collaboration are anywhere near as plentiful as the photographic evidence, it might actually be fairly interesting.

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