Kesha Has Written a 'Really Weird' New Song Called 'Child Of The Moon'

It looks like Kesha is staying true to her promise of making "different" music for her upcoming third studio album, revealing in a new interview with Teen Vogue that she's recorded a "really weird" new song titled "Child of the Moon."

"I was writing a song called 'Child of the Moon' in the car before you got here," she told a journalist for Teen Vogue. "It has a Stevie Nicks-witchy vibe. I'm making songs that are really weird, and they make me happy again. That's what music should do."

Don't worry, though; just because Kesha's doing weird music, doesn't mean she's going to totally abandon the gutsy pop stuff that we've come to love from her.

"I'm not going to be making a lullaby jazz record," she revealed, just in case there's anybody out there who actually thought that was a possibility. "My music will always have balls until I'm an 85-year-old crazy granny, so don't be worried about that."

Okay, this album needs to come out SOON or else. All this teasing is torture.

[Via ATRL/Teen Vogue]

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