Somehow, we expected more from an interview with Ke$ha than endless love for the entire world and all its inhabitants, especially those parts and/or inhabitants of the world that involve her performing and/or collaborating. OK, sure, she talks about her "bad ass front" and how "TiK ToK" became a hit because she's a jackass on it. But that's about as edgy as things get--standard for a promotional interview, but so many missed opportunities!

Some of the many things that Ke$ha loves:

On Adele:

"I love Adele. I’ve been listening to her recently and she’s so talented. I’d love to meet her. She’s amazing."

On Beyonce:

"I’m a massive fan! I’ve always wanted to see her in concert, actually. Oh my god, her Billboard performance? Incredible."

On Glastonbury:

"I’m so excited about Glastonbury! It’s always epitomised success in my mind. It’s really exciting. I’ve wanted to play it for ages."

On "Toxic":

"I’m obsessed with the song Toxic. I think it’s one of the best pop songs ever written."

We could go on, but we'd be quoting the entire interview at this point. So read it yourself!