Ke$ha (now officially known as the rainbow-haired Kesha Rose) is working on new music, and according to Billboard Brazil, it's with EDM maestro Zedd.

Most people will know Zedd from his hits "Clarity" and "Stay The Night," and if not, then you'll know him for producing a few songs from Lady Gaga's ARTPOP album, including latest single, "G.U.Y."

Zedd also co-produced Justin Bieber's super catchy "Beauty and a Beat" with Max Martin, as well as the amazing "Heaven" for Japanese pop icon Namie Amuro.

I know it's cool to hate on ARTPOP right now, but that album had some pretty great songs, and "G.U.Y." is one of them. A Kesha/Zedd collabo would be bonkers, but on the other hand, it probably wouldn't be much different to a lot of the Dr. Luke music she's been rebelling against for so long.

Not that that's a bad thing. Hopefully Kesha Rose's new album will have more mature, organic material ("Wonderland" is everything!!!), but still include some of the bratty electro-pop that made us love her in the first place.

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