Kesha: "I've Always Lived As If I'm A F---ing God"

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One wonderful side effect of Ke$ha's music and/or personality being what it is: awesome interviews, with equally awesome quotes. The one The Guardian did recently with her and Alice Cooper should be read in full to be fully appreciated in all its pro-theft, pro-dismemberment, pro-blasphemy glory(?) But just in case the prospect of reading an entire Ke$ha/Cooper interview upsets your delicate sensibilities, here are some highlights:

Ke$ha (flippantly) on what potentially could be the best album of its year, if a major escalation from '70s rock: "Working with a legend makes me excited to bring that rock'n'roll energy to whatever evil dark metal album I decide to make in the future."

Ke$ha on her (d/m/e)ating habits, and also on sarcasm: "A song like Cannibal where I like to dismember one of my dancers and pour his blood in my mouth and spit it at people – that came about because I really do devour men at a very rapid speed, and usually – by the time I'm done with them, I've literally sucked the blood out of their hearts."

Ke$ha on an early Lady Gaga kick: "They missed the tongue-in-cheek aspect. What I'm doing is art – it's low-brow art but there's a magic in that."

Ke$ha on the economic recession (OK, majorly out of context, but still): "I've always lived as though I'm a fucking god. It never had to do with money, though. I grew up with no money, but I never went without anything, it just made me creative and crafty.... When you have the mentality that you're going to live a lavish lifestyle, [not having] money can't stop you."

Alice Cooper, with what sounds like a subtle diss: "Janis didn't work on image very much. She was this big voice from Texas. Whereas Ke$ha really works on the image."