Kesha Says Her New Album Is 'Different' and 'Trippy'

Kesha, sans dollar sign (she dropped it, remember?), is hard at work on a follow up to 2012's Warrior. There hasn't been much info on the album just yet (aside from a rumoured Zedd collaboration), but Kesha finally dished some dirt on the disc this week during a promo stop for her new show, ABC's reality TV singing competition Rising Star.

"I've been working on some new music and it's really fun and really different," she told MTV News. "It can borderline on trippy, a little different, I think people are going to trip out."

"[It's] definitely not toned down," she said, before adding, "One song is about being madly in love, and just so sweet, and then telling the guy that, 'If you cheat on me I'll shoot you'."

It's nice to see that even through all the trippiness, Kesha's still doing Kesha.

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