Kesha: Writing For Britney Spears Is Better Than Love


Are you among the souls numbed by 2011's lack of rock? Fear not! Ke$ha hasn't changed her mind from the last few times she's declared war on pop's anodyne state in the name of rock and debauchery. We can't think of any reason this news won't hearten you.

According to MTV, that rock and debauchery will still be delivered by Dr. Luke, because when you're resurrecting something (rock or otherwise), straying from formulas is a bad idea. The resurrection of rock will happen once Ke$ha goes into the studio in late January. It'll be less like the Beastie Boys--her inspiration for Animal, she said--and more vulnerable like her Dylan cover. In other words: a bit like her pre-party phase and a lot like the natural next step after two album doses of glitter.

So far, so expected. The truly surprising part of the interview came later, toward the end, as Ke$ha spoke about her accomplishments last year--specifically, this bit of songwriting:

["Till The World Ends"] just came on the radio, and I have to say, I love hearing Britney Spears sing my lyrics, every single day. It never gets old. I get so excited. It's better than any drug when you hear Britney Spears sing a song you wrote.

Any drug? We'll assume your rock-savior thing gives you at least a bit of authority here. You've mentioned two drugs, at least: booze, for one, and love, as in "your love is..." Yes, folks: by the transitive property, there's no drug around like what Ke$ha's found in writing Britney Spears songs, an act better than any love that any crush could possibly give her. We haven't heard such a radical statement in pop since Destiny's Child. Let's just hope Britney still wants her career to continue so Ke$ha never has to face withdrawal.

[MTV News]

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