Kesha's Lawyer Hits Back At Dr. Luke: 'We Have Witnesses And Evidence'

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Kesha's lawyer appeared on Good Morning America today to fire back at Dr. Luke's claims that the "Timber" singer is trying to extort him with her lawsuit over alleged physical and emotional abuse.

"If you take a look at the lawsuit, we've got 27-pages in enormous detail," said Kesha's lawyer when asked how the songstress was going to back up her shocking allegations against the hitmaker.

He continued, "We've got witnesses, we've got corroborative evidence, we have fresh complaint. We've got everything we need to do and we're very comfortable with it."

The lawyer also labelled Dr. Luke's counter-suit, which claims that Kesha is trying to extort him to get out of her recording contract, "laughable."

However, the lawyer skirted around questions on why Kesha hasn't just filed criminal charges instead of a lawsuit, simply saying that "everything is on the table" at this point. He also refused to give a straight answer on whether or not the lawsuit would be dropped if Luke lets Kesha out of her contract, but said that the end-game was to get Luke out of Kesha's life for good.

So far this whole situation is a whole lot of he-said/she-said, so it'll be interesting to see what the legal outcome is once this all goes to court.

You can check out the interview in full below.